August 27, 2015

Back to Baker Street?

Tired of another version of the famous detective?  Snap out of it!

Apologies Benedict Cumberbatch, but what Ian McKellen does with Doyle's fictional detective is nothing short of magnificent.

It’s 1947.  Sherlock Holmes is 93, living in Sussex.  He’s not retired, not waiting for death; he’s haunted by his last case, 50 years ago. So much past — this is not an action movie, yet I, and the “S L Irregulars” all young sleuths in training, were transfixed.  I could hype “Mr. Holmes” by saying that Sir Ian McKellen gives a performance that should get him an Oscar nomination, but that’s too small a lens.

McKellen gives a master class in acting, in aging, and in showing an analytical mind fighting with emotions. “Mr. Holmes” is certainly worth a recommendation.

I am reading...

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  • Julia's Cats, Patricia Barey and Therese Burson
  • London, Edward Rutherfurd
  • I'll Drink to That, Betty Halbreich